Network Management Disabled After Freeze?

Hello all,

I just switched to opensuse from fedora. So far, I like it a lot (KDE FTW). However, I am having a couple issues concerning hibernation and restarting.

Whenever I merely close my computer but don’t shut it off, I am forced to reboot. When I open the computer after closing it, everything stays black and nothing seems to work aside from a restart (no good, I know).

When I restart, network management is disabled and thus I am prevented from accessing wireless. The only solution I have found is to hibernate, which for some reason fixes the problem. A restart however does nothing.

So I guess I have two questions:

  1. Why can’t I close my computer without turning it off?

  2. Is there a more permanent solution aside from merely hibernating after a crash that will fix network manager?

Thanks in advance. I am still a relative linux noob, so I know I’m probably missing some obvious stuff.

Please be more clear on what you mean with “close my computer, but don’t shut it off”.

My guess is that some driver(s) do(es) not unload properly, but that’s merely a guess.

In the settings for ‘when lid close’ what do you have : lock screen or suspend to RAM
Also make sure you disable all screen saving!

Here are some guesses:

I think that you mean that you have a laptop and you are closing the laptop lid, although you could mean that you are closing applications or closing the GUI

…you have tried pushing ‘random’ keys (eg, shift, etc) and the computer does nothing, there is no cursor on the screen, the cursor doesn’t move and the disk drive light doesn’t start flashing…

Now, I am confused. You seemed to be saying that it would only restart if you hit the power button, but now you say that you need to hibernate to get wireless (by network management, do you mean the application Network Manager? You could also mean wicd. If NM, what version?) Are you saying that it will boot from the power button, but the network doesn’t work, but if you then hibernate and resume the network does work?

If you are using kde (which version?), the power on and off conditions are very configurable (system settings > power management) and I’d have to guess that you have some, or all, of that set up less than optimally for your computer.

Sorry for my lack of clarity, I appreciate the responses.

Right. Merely closing the lid while the GUI continues to run.

Yes. This generally culminates with an exasperated, albeit unsuccessful, ctrl+esc.

I restart via the power button and am then forced to hibernate in order to access wireless. It is as if hibernation resets something that didn’t close properly.

Regarding Network Manager… I am honestly not too sure. When I try to connect to wireless through the network connections icon, right-clicking yields the message that “Network Management is Disabled.” But when I go through yast, I am told that network connections are being controlled by network manager. Beyond that, I have been unsuccessful at finding a way to either activate or disable network management. I guess that’s all part of my question.

I installed 11.3, thus I would be running M7, correct?

KDE 4.4. I’m going to tweak the power on/off settings now.

Thanks for all the replies. I really am enjoying linux but find myself in the dark sometimes.

Also, where do I find the settings for “when lid closed”? I poked around the power management settings and could not find it.

Thanks again.


You would find that setting by clicking on the application launcher and clicking Configure Desktop (Personal Settings). Then click the advanced tab and choose Power Management. Click Edit Profiles and here you can change what the lid close action does for every profile.

Take Care,


Thanks for all the help, the issue is resolved.

Thanks again!