Network Managaer - Disabled

Hello, my notebook : FJ SIEMENS AMILO, and I use wi-fi to connect internet

I have a problem with network manager in open Suse 11.3… When I install latest updates and restar computer, network manager is disabled, and I dont know how to enabled it!

1 month later i have a similar problem, and i use this command : solid-network set networking enabled - its working - but no this time…

Thanks for any answers…

See if this works for you

Network Management Disabled

Note: You’ll need to do this as root with the ‘su -’ command first.

ok, I’ll do it later on, I’ll write if this help me…

thanks :slight_smile:

Great! its work! thank you :slight_smile:

I set up, Suse 11.3, on a friends Toshiba Laptop(least friendly laptop for Linux, I have found over many attempted installs,
on different Toshiba machines ) to help her escape problems with Micro$haft bindoze, and it had this exact problem.

I have sent her the information posted here, and am waiting to see if it works for her.