Network lost at first boot - rt2500

I’ve been trying to install 11 on an Averatec 3280 laptop. It had 10.3 which ran fine. I’m doing a fresh install of 11 using the network disk and a Ralink wireless card using the rt2500 driver. The first part of the install goes fine. The computer finds the network, downloads and installs all the software. Then, when it goes to the first reboot, the computer can no longer find the network from which it just downloaded a couple of gigabytes of software. If I tell it to skip the network, then it boots into 11 just fine. However, network manager doesn’t find any networks. If I reboot again it still won’t find any networks. If I then uninstall the network card in Yast and reinstall it, it does manage to find my network (at 49% strength – 10.3 would average about 80%) but I cannot login no matter what I do. The network is set up using WPA-PSK and dhcp. It just never connects. What is confusing is that the installation program managed to make the connection just fine. I used network manager in 10.3 and had no problems there either.

What’s causing this and how can I fix it.

You could try the “If Up” setting in Yast and tell it to turn on @ boot:)
(Set that up in Yast)

That was the default. It detected no wireless networks at all. At least network manager thought the networks were there.

is wpa_suplicant installed?

Yes it is.


i’m afraid you are still missing the driver of. rt2500. Verify kernel via life-cd, please. Use only default kernel.

If the problem caused furthermore, install 10.3 once (basic moduls only), check network and run update to 11.

The golden way: Wait for 11.2 version.