Network is up with like 50% probability

After every reboot network is up with something like 50% probability. I used ndiswrapper guide from (or maybe, I used the one that works). I tried both ifup and KInternet managed in settings. If it is not connected at boot-time ifup/ifdown or reconnect through KInternet do not work. Seems like a weird bug.

I have ath5k based card. I have 64bit SuSE 11.0.

have you tried Madwifi drivers instead of ndiswrapper ?


No, I did not.

Is there any easy to follow madwifi guide for Suse 11.0 64bit?
Is there a non-zero chance that this will help?

In fact this bug is very weird. It feels like computer rolls a number number at bootup and than decides whether to ****up the Internet connection. Anyone else experienced this?

just add the madwifi repo via YaST - software repositories & add this Index of /suse/11.0


Maybe step-by-step guide in user friendly format?