network installation from USB to external hdd

Has anyone experience on installing Leap 42.1 on external hdd? I have a lenovo Z50-75 laptop (ideaPad) with Win10 x64 with fast boot on internal sdd drive (samsung mzyte256hmhp). Bios is lenovo a4cn40ww v.2.09 uefi, ram 8 Gb, broadcom 802.11 network adapter, amd a10-7300 radeon R6 processor. The external hdd is 120 Gb hitatchi sata drive. As said, I would like to make the installation with suse boot loader on the external hdd. Is it practically possible and how to do it?

That should be possible.

I’ve installed Tumbleweed, and other version (perhaps 13.2) on an external drive. I don’t think I have installed 42.1 on an external drive. But the installers are all similar.

If you want to use UEFI booting, and you want to boot entirely from the external drive, then you will need to create an EFI partition on that external drive. The installer will do that, but you have to tell it to use the external drive for that. The EFI partition needs to be mounted as “/boot/efi” on the installed system.

The installer will normally create an NVRAM entry in your firmware, for booting under the name “opensuse” or “opensuse-secureboot” (depending on your install settings). But you might prefer that the external drive be bootable as a USB device. You can fix that up after install. It’s also possible to skip the bootloader part of install, and do that manually – that way you could get it right the first time without having to fix. But that takes more work and is harder to explain.

If you already have opensuse installed on the Internal drive, the new install might interfere with that. So maybe it should be installed differently in that case.

I’m not sure if this reply is helpful. Feel free to ask additional questions and provide additional information.

I got it succesfuly installed with the network installer. Got even my wifi (broadcom-wl) working as well as my Samsung SCX-4500W printer/scanner through wifi. I did the installation with Gnome desktop. I like it, but would also like to test the KDE desktop environment. Tried the terminal command ‘sudo zypper install -t pattern kde4 kde4_basis’ with the response ‘No provider of ‘kde4_basis’ found’. How could I make the installation?

Easier to do from Yast since you can just browse the packages.

But KDE 4 is not standard though available i. I believe you must add an extra repo. But the normal LEAP KDE is plasma5 (ie KDE5)
Anyway in yast software management use the pattern tab and select the plasma 5 options

kde4 is still in the main repo although most of the applications have been ported to kf5 and the qt4 versions are not available in the main repo
if you want all of kde4 you need to add wolfi’s frameworks5 repo, I know adding a kde5 repo to get kde4 seams strange but wolfi has rebuild all of the kde4 apps with qt4 and has them in his repo(like kate, kwrite, ktorrent etc.) while the apps in the main repo are kf5
anyhow to get the base kde4 install the package kdebase4

zypper in kdebase4 kdebase4-workspace

wolfi’s frameworks repo is
and you will need the latest qt5 as wolfi usually provides the latest kde5 and that needs a newer qt library

Thanks again.
I got it (KDE plasma5) installed from Software Management. With some adjustments it started to work fine. I must say that after Ubuntu this Leap 42.1 is just wonderful. I like it much more … so goodbye ubuntu.
Tanks again for help.