Network install boots to blank screen with cursor at bottom and does nothing, on Macbook

I downloaded the network install, dd`ed it to a USB stick, booted it on my MacBook Pro 11,5, which brought up the GRUB menu, then I selected the first option to install OpenSUSE, which booted linux, went through a boot screen with three green dots near the bottom half of the screen, then ended in a blank screen with nothing but a cursor (not blinking) at the bottom left of the screen.

Nothing happens.

I wanted to try OpenSUSE for the first time (looking for a rolling release distro, so I was trying to install tumbleweed).

Any idea?

If you press ESC at three dots it will display boot messages; it may give better idea where it is stuck.

That might be true, but I am coming from Arch Linux where I have lots of experience trouble shooting and configuring things, and I came to OpenSUSE in hopes of finding a distro that works with everything (desktop included) out of the box with minimal steps to fix anything.

I guess OpenSUSE won’t be the one, and, again, I’m not wanting to troubleshoot (that’s the whole reason I’m trying new distros). Oh well, I guess there was no point for me even posting this if I don’t want to trouble shoot.

At least someone at OpenSUSE might read this and check out why it’s not working on MacBook Pro 11,5 (seems like MacBook Pros would be high priority targets, because OS X users expect things to just work).

If you are willing to buy me MacBook Pro 11,5, I will be more than happy to check this out and trouble shoot it for you.