Network Freeze on HP-probook ( Ralink RT3290 Wireless

hi, i face some real problem with my wirless on my HP-Probook. It looks ok, works out of the box, BUT after a random time ( est - 5min ) internet freezes and even im connected on my routre i cant access to the web.
What can i do ?

Ralink RT3290.

kernel driver in use: rt2800pci
kernel modules: rt2800pci

A possible power management issue? What does the following command report?


You could monitor/capture the network events. For example, if using NetworkManager, open a root terminal and observe the network-related output with something like

journalctl -f -u NetworkManager

or if using wicked something like

journalctl -f -u wicked

This may also capture clues

dmesg --follow|grep rt2800pci