Network Failure


Linux is all about networks. Then why is it almost impossible to connect a Mac to it? You need engineering skills. So it won’t happen over here. Why is there no standard protocol that computers just see eachother like Macs between eachother? I can’t wait. Every ten years I try it but it didn’t make me happy yet. While openSuse and Gnome are such nice programs to work with.

To have success I would say that all programmers from all platforms should stick their head together and solve this issue. Especially for the success of Linux on the desktop market.

Kind regards, Niels

So I do not own a MAC, but there seems to be lots of hits on the Internet on how to connect the two together. I use Windows PC’s and so Samba is my choice to connect to Windows, but here is just one link I found on getting Linux and MAC’s on the same page when networked. :: Building a heterogeneous home network for Linux and Mac OS X

Thank You,