network does not start after suspend

Hi folks
Can somebody help me with answers on my questions:
I use wireless nic and everything is working fine until i start working after suspend. I also used to see wireless graphic utility which shows network, strength of the signal.

  1. How can I start network after pc was suspended.
  2. What is the utility which shows status of wireless connection.

I use suse 10
Thank you.

Many of the wireless drivers have problem with resuming from suspend. I have a laptop which freezes on resume if I have failed to remove the pcmcia wireless card or disable pcmcia before suspend.

Simply restart the network device by unloading and reloading the module with modprobe. NetworkManager has applets for gnome and kde which show connection information and allow configuration of the network.

Can you please help me to figure out which utilities exist for wireless connectivity on suse.
I used to use them before, but never cared to remember what they are. Now I can’t find it. This utility showed strength of signal, network to connect.