Network disconnects when using WINE or Steam.

I am running the latest Tumbleweed with MATE desktop, and using NetworkManager to manage internet connections and connect using an Intel based wireless chipset. The network works normally for everyday use. However, when I start a WINE application or Steam on Linux (native) the network will often stop completely. Only when I reconnect to my wireless access point will it start again, and it’s generally fine for a bit and then will stop again, requiring me to reconnect again. OpenSUSE is the only distribution where this happens. I’ve also tried Ubuntu and Fedora and there are no network connectivity problems.

Just to clarify further here - are you losing network connectivity at a system-level, or just with wine-related applications?

Monitor the connection in a terminal window, and when you’re next aware of a loss of connectivity, observer,capture the logging output…

sudo journalctl -fu NetworkManager

That might help us characterise this further.