Network Connections has a broken keyboard shortcut

When using Network Connection, in the dialog box called “Choose a Connection Type”, the Create button is broken so as it can not be activated by using the Enter key. I can tab from the type list, to the Cancel button, and when I do both the dotted-line and the blue border appear on the Cancel button. But when I tab once more, only the dotted line moves over to the Create button, the blue border remains on the Cancel. When I use the enter button at this point, the Cancel button is activated not the Create.

Is this a bug that has possibly been identified already?

I am using Gnome desktop, opensuse 13.1, and I’ve updated the system to 1/22/2014 as was reported by Software Update. I’m helping my friend who is without sight and using Ocra to manage his system.


This problem can be fixed quite easily as it turns out. The problem is in the Gtk+ (version 2.1) user interface definition. The file is “/usr/share/nm-applet/ce-new-connection.ui”. On line 129, inside the GtkButton object definition for the Cancel button, the property “has_default” is defined to be true. I changed that to false. Evidently, has_default means that the button will always be actived by the return key.