Network connections do not show NIC's last date used

I remember when using openSUSE 11.3 with KDE 4.5, the network connections started to show the last date used for my “NIC”.

I am using the plasmoid-networkmanagement plasmoid and KNemo.

After I downloaded and installed openSUSE 11.4 64-bit, the network connection no longer shows the last date used. I have set up my card via Yast and Iam connected directly to the Internet. No proxy.

To find where this is located, navigate to:Configure Desktop → Network Settings → Network Connections → Wired tab

Has any one else experienced this?



I was seeing the last date used, but perhaps only with the Wireless tab. I didn’t define anything for the Wired tab - just used the default system connection.

I have since switched to using the gnome applet (still under KDE) following the guide in some recent threads. That shows times, too, and it also shows a time for the wired connection.

Okay. So, the wireless shows the last date or time used. However, a wired connection does not show the last date/time used.

That confirms that the “wired” connection shows “Last Used” as never. Looks like something was fixed in KDE 4.5 and got broken by another patch for 4.6.0.

It’s not the first time this has happened.

Thank you for responding. I’ll submit a bug report for this problem.