Network connection speed

Is there any method of selecting a network speed on my set up?

It is capable of running at 100mb/sec but have the feeling that it isn’t. Plug in vista on a lap top and no problems at all. It’s also noticeably quicker.

I assume that a straight install does set up bi directional and 100mb/sec?

You mean a cabled connection using eth0? That should automaticaly use the fats speed and AFAIK ther is no directional speed on ethernet.

Yes cable although it may be on eth1 rather than eth0. My PC has 2 ports. One thing for sure Vista is faster. My gear is definitely capable of running at 100mb/sec so the problem has to be linux etc.

I have wondered if MS is using the old sun work station trick of just jumping into the network to gain faster access but it’s the same even if there are no windoze machines connected.

I have seen a case of slow NIC where it turned out that there was the wrong driver module for the card.

YAST reports a PCI-E ASF Gigabit etherner controller using DHCP and the driver is sky2. No other options offered. It is a 64bit pci motherboard with onboard eth0 and eth1. Eth0 is the one that is being used.

Trouble is I am a little lost in this area as I expect it to just work.

When it is a Gigabit device it is capable of much more then the 100 Mb/sec you want it to do.