network connection establish and firefox browser

wish amazing day for all

1- i use wifi network, turn it off when did not need internet.
2- when turn on the wifi network it need some time to establish the connection.
3- if i turn on the wifi and open the firefox, when try use internet after the wifi connection establish it did not work.
4- to browser work i should first turn on the wifi network and wait until the connection establish so i can use the internet other wise i will receive error message

by other words if i click on firefox icon before the wifi connection establish i can not use the internet.

it not big deal for me as we speak about couple of seconds but try understand way this happen?

thanks in advance

Maybe I misunderstand, but you say that you have no connection to the network and that then Firefox complains that you have no connection to the internet. Sound rather logical to me. :question:

sorry english my second languge so i will make problem as flowchart(sequence of process).

next sequence did not work:
1- turn on wifi.
2- click on firefox browser.
3- wait until connection establish.
4- try search or see website.
5- results: give me error message.

next sequence work good:
1- turn on wifi.
2- wait until connection establish.
3- click on firefox browser.
4- try search or see website.
5- results: work good.

Yes, that is much more clear!

It looks as if FF tests for connection on startup, but only gives an error when the user really tries to use it.

I am not sure that it is only the connection to the internet though. I assume that the same will happen when not going further then the LAN. You may be able to check that by testing connection to your router, but of course only if the router supports HTTP(S) access for management of it.

Another thought. What is the page where FF starts with. If that is a local “blank page” then FF will indeed not go anywhere by just starting. But when it is some other page, the the error should show imediatly.


Or, it’s the Firefox Connection Settings – <>.

1- i can connect to the router (http protocol).
2- yes set FF to start with blank page, but after open it i enter words in search bar or chose link from bookmarks and both did not work.
3- i only know how to setup opensuse and use it for daily use(graphic, office, video editor, a little bit some small code and internet) so i do not know a lot about system management.
3-a: but i believe it some security layer. you know when open the firefox before the connection establish it like the browser do not have permission to use this connection.
3-b: or maybe something like as FF start first so it do not recognize that there’s connection establish.

You Firefox “dos not work”, but that is of course very vague. Is there no (error)-message from firefox?

i also just try next sequence and did not work:

                                        1- click on firefox browser icon and wait till it open.

2- turn on wifi and wait till connection establish.
3- try search or see website(enter some words in search bar and hit enter, or choose some website from bookmarks).
5- results: give me error message.

is there’s change try do same sequence on your machine and share the results.

thanks for advance

the error message say something like can connect to the website server try check your connection, firewall, etc.

note: it’s not big problem for me as we speak about 5 seconds or maybe less, that i need wait after hit the network turn on button. i only try understand way that happen and if there’s some way to change it.

firefox version: 91.5.0esr (64-bit)

the error message:

check the setting, i do not use proxy. only activate “Enable DNS over HTTPS” .

Hm, I am also not sure what it is. It looks as if DNS works, else FF would have complained about not being able to resolve

Hmmm – I take it that, this means that, we can’t ask you to trace the Network traffic with a tool such as Wireshark.

  • Which means that, if possible, can you please drop some tcpdump output on <SUSE Paste.
  • The trace we need is (file name is “test_google”) –
 # tcpdump -vv host > test_google

What you do is, start the “tcpdump” trace and then, with an empty Firefox cache, type “” into the Firefox address field and, hit return.
When the Firefox display has completed, type <Ctrl-C> in the Konsole window and, drop the text file named “test_google” into the openSUSE Paste and then, tell us the Paste URL pointing to your trace file.

make fast search about Wireshark and tcpdump (first time hear about them). find amazing next article (about tcpdump) i try the code with google and facebook in normal case to see the results how should be in normal, but both did not send any information (empty file)

tcpdump -vv host > test_google

2- so i try next code(also did not work):

tcpdump -i any -c15 host > test_google_working

3- try same code with another host ( &, it work.

Note: all the above test done where the browser is work and show the all websites without any problems.

also it first time know about <SUSE Paste; , can i ask about the advanced of share results on it vs inside the post.

now i will search more for “Wireshark”, and try use it.

thanks for advance

I haven’t seen errors since a long time. Even stopping the network doesn’t cause Firefox to display an error message:

**erlangen:~ #** systemctl stop systemd-networkd.service    
Warning: Stopping systemd-networkd.service, but it can still be activated by: 
**erlangen:~ #**

I stopped the network while typing this post. Upon clicking “Priview Post” the network restarts in the background without further ado:

**erlangen:~ #** systemctl status systemd-networkd.service  
**●** systemd-networkd.service - Network Configuration 
     Loaded: loaded (/usr/lib/systemd/system/systemd-networkd.service; enabled; vendor preset: disabled) 
     Active: **active (running)** since Sun 2022-02-20 09:57:30 CET; 4min 48s ago 
TriggeredBy: **●** systemd-networkd.socket 
       Docs: man:systemd-networkd.service(8) 
   Main PID: 27358 (systemd-network) 
     Status: "Processing requests..." 
      Tasks: 1 (limit: 4915) 
        CPU: 47ms 
     CGroup: /system.slice/systemd-networkd.service 
             └─27358 /usr/lib/systemd/systemd-networkd 

Feb 20 09:57:30 erlangen systemd[1]: Starting Network Configuration... 
Feb 20 09:57:30 erlangen systemd-networkd[27358]: eth0: Link UP 
Feb 20 09:57:30 erlangen systemd-networkd[27358]: eth0: Gained carrier 
Feb 20 09:57:30 erlangen systemd-networkd[27358]: lo: Link UP 
Feb 20 09:57:30 erlangen systemd-networkd[27358]: lo: Gained carrier 
Feb 20 09:57:30 erlangen systemd-networkd[27358]: Enumeration completed 
Feb 20 09:57:30 erlangen systemd[1]: Started Network Configuration. 
Feb 20 09:57:32 erlangen systemd-networkd[27358]: eth0: DHCPv4 address via 
**erlangen:~ #**

More: Network Management With Systemd - openSUSE Wiki

make search about your first code (to find how start the network after stop it), and find tutorial that start with show the current status of **systemd-networkd, **so i run next code (without & with sudo):

**sudo systemctl status systemd-networkd
**sudo systemctl status systemd-networkd.service****

the results:
Unit systemd-networkd.service could not be found.

so i go to yast, find “systemd-networkd” not installed. but “NetworkManager” are installed.

From Network Management With Systemd - openSUSE Wiki

**Leap-15-3:~ #**  zypper se -is systemd-network  
Loading repository data... 
Reading installed packages... 

S  | Name            | Type    | Version              | Arch   | Repository 
i+ | systemd-network | package | 246.16-150300.7.36.1 | x86_64 | Update repository with updates from SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 
**Leap-15-3:~ #**

If not installed on your machine, install it:

**Leap-15-3:~ #** zypper install systemd-network 
Loading repository data... 
Reading installed packages... 
'systemd-network' is already installed. 
No update candidate for 'systemd-network-246.16-150300.7.36.1.x86_64'. The highest available version is already installed. 
Resolving package dependencies... 
Nothing to do. 
**Leap-15-3:~ #**