Network connection disappeared

I recently installed some updates from the OpenSUSE automatic updater and then turned the computer off. when I started up again the next day, my network connection was gone (it’s through DHCP). The icon (which is normally a green world) was a gray world.

The only way I was finally able to get it back up was to do the following:

  1. Restart the router
  2. Change the ethernet card’s settings to not be DHCP and then put it back on DHCP

However, now the icon looks like the connection end of an ethernet cable (which is what it usually shows for a static ip, not dhcp).

Any ideas what might have happened (or how to diagnose this) and why the icon is different?

This has happened once before in the past, but I’m not sure if it was after updates or not.

On my box - Just eth0 no wireless. I don’t even have and never have a eth0 icon. I don’t use networkmanager. Just configure via Yast.

My Laptop, has both eth0 and wlan0 - This does use networkmanager and it can’t make up it’s mind what icon to show. The wireless can be a green globe on boot sometimes, but then after a suspend it goes to graded blue bars (but never the eth icon)

When I have a eth cable plugged in it will usually show the eth icon, but also the green globe and even the wireless blue bars.(But I do leave the wireless switch on).

All my settings are DHCP.

I can’t say I know what your problem is - or if you even have one?


It’s weird (and annoying) in that I can’t even reach the router when it happens.

It just happened again!

The weird thing is this:

  • On my linux computer, I couldn’t get on the internet and I couldn’t reach the router via the web browser

  • On my windows laptop, I was able to reach the internet but not the router via the browser (192.168, etc)

I tried re-setting the network settings in YAST but it failed part way as it could not reach the repository, then I ping-ed the router and it suddenly found it and everything started working again.

What could be happening?

I had similar behavior with a router than went on the blink. I was able to bring it back to life for a while with a complete reset of the router and re-load the settings. But eventually I had to get a new one. I’m not saying that is your problem, but just relating my experience. I used to find heavy bittorrent work didn’t help matters esp. if you use DHT - which I don’t now anyway.

Also, I now never edit the router via wlan. It has corrupted the settings for me in the past.

Ugh. I hope it isn’t that as this is a new router (but beyond the 30 days money back thing). How would I test something like that?