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I installed 11.1 when it first came out. The PC I used gave up the ghost and I bought a refurbie, HP xw4100 and installed the 11.1 drive in it. All works except Internet connection. I am befuddled, bemused, confused and at a complete loss! The router on USB is not detected.

Boot Time - Status blinks, LAN is OFF and remains OFF. DSL blinks several times.
Booted - Status continues and DSL blinks.

YaST (NetworkManager is useless)
Network Devices - DSL
Config Overview

  • DSL Devices - Not detected
  • Add - PPP over Ethernet
    Mode Dependent Settings
  • Ethernet Card
  • DS: Connection - Unknown - No IP address assigned
  • Configure Network Cards = On Hotplug
    Network Settings
  • Enable IPV6 (as oreviously set)
  • DHCP Client Options - left blank
  • Unknown Device
  • IP Address - Not configured
  • Unknown Network Device (no hwinfo)
  • Dynamic Address - Zeroconf
  • Loop back to Overview - Unknown Device

Any ideas? I naturally (or foolishly?) expected things to carry on as before. :’(

Am I right when I read from your post that you just moved the disk from the broken system to the new one?

When yes, the it is quite possible that the sytem is not capable of handling the different hardware you have now. On installation the hardware is checked and drivers, etc. are included. No new installation, no new assessment of what hardware there is.

The best is to do a new installation, of course leaving your /home partition as it is (DO NOT FORMAT), or, when you do not have a seperate /home, make a backup of it (I would make a backup in any case, and making a backup of /etc may also be handy when you are in doubt how something in the system was configured before).

hcvv wrote:
> No new installation, no new assessment of what hardware there is.

maybe booting from original install media and at the first boot
screen select Repair Installed System… maybe???

don’t have a clue if it will work, but it might…

next, the OP writes “The router on USB is not detected.” and i wonder
about that…isn’t each USB connection point on the “refurbie, HP
xw4100” individually and or uniquely addressable (or, at least the
thing connected to the pipe is)?? and, maybe whatever ‘address’ is
‘remembered’ on the disk relates to the old machine but not the new?

but since i connect to my router to my machines single ethernet port
(as gawd intended) i wouldn’t know how to teach an old disk in a new
refurb how to tell the rats in the cellar to use a different USB pipe
when looking for the way out, or in…

that said: if the OP list of how the network is set in YaST is exactly
what is there now… i wonder…hmmmmmm…very confusing…i
don’t understand what i see there… i quit. (anyway, i’m not a
network guru)


Thanks! I do have a home partition, but will back up anyway (being the easily confused novice that I am!

Gives me another option, but repair tool? Does it work_ Given me problems in the past!

johmidl wrote:
> Gives me another option, but repair tool? Does it work_ Given me
> problems in the past!

sometimes the DVD’s “repair installed system” works
wonders…sometimes not…it has never made mine worse…


It works! In frustration,suspecting hardware, I loaded an old Ubuntu I have lying around.- detected router and went straight to Ubuntu. So, no hardware problem. Next I tried an 11.1 live disk also lying around for the past year. I had ignored it as it requires on-line application installation, something that I felt too bulky for the dial-up I had then. Voila! Connected! So I installed and this is it. Nevertheless, many thanks for your concern. <:)