Network config without YAST

Got a noob question. I need to persist my IP’s, routes etc. without using YAST.
I see in /etc/sysconfig/network the ifcfg file, but it’s named this:


can I just change it to ifcfg-eth0?
I also need to add an eth1 config…

cat SuSE-release

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 (x86_64)

any help is greatly appreciated.

Edit the files in /etc/sysconfig/network/

Edit /etc/resolv.conf (see man resolv.conf for details)

Run SuSEconfig afterwards

What is your reason for not using YaST?

I am not sure if you can get away with renaming the files just like that, I suggest you make a backup copy and just try it.

I think you should find your solution to this in: man udev

I don’t use YAST enough and it always screws me up. I am used to CLI. My question was about this file:


other suse servers have ifcfg-eth0. Can I rename it or is there a config somewhere that identifies the NIC by MAC instead of eth0, eth1, etc…?

I see you are using SLES (there is a separate forum for that BTW), so you can’t compare SLES 10 with SUSE 10 and udev doesn’t apply here. SLES 10 is probably more like SUSE 9, which is where this convention of naming the script after the MAC address comes from. It will probably break if you rename it because the startup script tries to activate the NICs by looking for a script named by MAC address. Why do you want to rename it anyway? Just leave it alone. If you want to create a config for eth1, follow the same pattern, name it after the MAC of that NIC.

BTW, there is also a ncurses verion of YaST there too.