Network card issue with anything newer than openSUSE 11.0

Hello all I was wondering if you will be able to help me figure out what is
going on with my network card on one of my boxes. It works fine with
openSUSE 11.0, but a recent hard drive failure has forced me to do a
reinstall and I figured that 11.0 has a year, if even that, left for support
so I would be better off going with 11.1 on it. After installing it my
network card would not work at all, if I fought it sometimes I could get it
to connect for a couple of minutes but then it would stop working. The card
in question is a 21x4x DEC-Tulip compatible 10/100 Ethernet card made be
Davicom Semiconductor, and I was confirm this issue using both openSUSE 11.1
and 11.2 Milestone 1. According to Network Devices the card is “Not
Connected” and using the dmfe Kernel module, but hwinfo says that it is
using the tulip kernel module. On 11.2 Milestone 1 any attempts to use the
if commands to bring the card up or take it down gives me this error:

RTNITLINK answers: Device or resource busy
Cannot enable interface eth0

Right now I have openSUSE 11.2 Milestone 1 installed on the system because I
figured it being factory if I have to report this to the bugzilla it would
be faster to get a fix for.

/sbin/lspci -nnk|grep -A2 -i net


Akoellh wrote:

> Code:
> --------------------
> /sbin/lspci -nnk|grep -A2 -i net
> --------------------
> says?

It says that the kernel driver that is in use is the tulip driver, which
means that the Network Device manager is wrong but more importantly to get
it to use the correct driver for my card all I would have to do is blacklist
the tulip driver?

Changed from Ubuntu to SUSE Newtork no worky. - openSUSE Forums

Akoellh wrote:

> ‘Changed from Ubuntu to SUSE Newtork no worky. - openSUSE Forums’
> (

As I thought thanks for the help, it seems that the problem with this
network card was introduced in 11.1 because 11.0 used the correct driver by
default, I hope this gets fixed on down the road.

No, I am posting in several internet fora since SuSE 9.x and this problem is present since then.

It’s just a 50/50 chance, the working driver gets chosen (for 2 device-IDs, where tulip and dmfe overlap), so the problem is rare but it just happens every now and then.