Network Card Installation HELP!!!!!!!!

Yeah, I just installed SUSE enterprise server 9on my computer. I installed this because I got the cd from a friend and have been wanting to try out linux. So yes, I am a noobie in the linux world. I was wondering can anyone tell me how to install my network card. I saw on the internet about going through the command line to do it can you guys tell me how??? Please and thanks

First of all fix your “!” and your “?” key, they seem to be broken.

Second, install something newer and something you will get support if you don’t want to pay quite some money for updates/support.

SLES is a commercial enterprise version.

lol, ok so I lied we are using this system for a class at school and my problem is the lab we are doing. We are supposed to look for help over the internet and I figured here was a good spot to start.

I am sure “look for help over the internet” was meant in a different way.

#UNIX - Frequently Asked Questions](


And as this is the openSUSE-forum you are also at the wrong place.

I know you are probally not going to believe me on this question now but I just finished installing openSUSE 11.1 on my computer. I did a quad boot of vista home premium x64, vista ultimate, ubuntu x64 and opensuse x64. Now my problem is a real one. I cant install the network card through the window and seeing as to how there is a way to do it through the command line could you help now. And no I am not asking for my paper because that had to be handed yesterday.

What did you try so far? What do you mean by saying you can not install through the window?