Network bridge on device vmnet0 not running

I have installed VMWare on my laptop.

Host operating system - Opensuse 11

Two virtual machines - Both of them have Opensuse 11 as Guest Operating System.

When I start both virtual machines I get the following message.

“Message from <local host name> : The network bridge on device vmnet0 is not running. The virtual machine will not be able to communicate with the host or with other machines on your network. Virtual device Ethernet0 will start disconnected”

I cannot ping to another Virtual machine from one virtual machine. I get “Host Unreachable” message.

The first day It gave the same problem. I thought I must have wrongly configured network.

But Yesterday It worked fine. I could ping to another machine from one machine. But today it is again not working.

hello friend
wrote a note on my blog explaining the solution to this problem, I would like to visit him, and I hope it helps.

Blog link:
Algo de Código: SOLUCION para VMware Server 2.0.2 “vmnet0 is not running”!!! Ubuntu Desktop 10.04, kernel 2.6.32-25

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