Network booting Problems

Hi, I have to say that it’s my first time using OpenSUSE, and i’m kinda lost… I was trying to boot 3 silly Terminal’s without OS From a Linkat (OpenSUSE) server, and it works, the problem comes when i log in, at two of them, with the same account, and i open the same progress (like firefox) at the same time in the 2 computers. It give’s me an error that say’s that the process it’s being used and i only can open 1 instance of it… Did you know how can i solve it, without creating another accounts?

Thank you, and forgive my english grammar if i’ve failed writting at this threat

You have a problem there because if they really did use the same profile, then they would overwrite each other’s bookmarks, history, etc.

To use the same account to run several instances of firefox, use the -P profile option to specify a different profile for each terminal, then they are allowed to use the same login. You can start firefox with the -ProfileManager option to create the profiles.

However you will run into this problem with other apps like OpenOffice. Perhaps you really should use different logins, maybe one that is named after the terminal.