Network boot for remote computer access

I’m new to the principle of network boot and I was wondering if this is possible.

Computer A runs openSUSE. Computer B is an older, slower computer. Computer A and computer B are connected using an Ethernet cable that supports two-way transport. Can I use network boot on computer B to use the OS on computer A remotely while computer A is being used too? Does it involve RDP? Will the remote user experience noticeable lags/delays? What do I need to install on computer A to make this happen?

I use/prefer NX from you just need to ensure the ssh
service is running on Computer A and that the firewall is open for the
sshd port (YaST Firewall Allowed Services).

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These tutorials show you how to use RDP and TightVNC:

Windows Linux RDP Remote Desktop Connections using openSUSE as Client or Server (terminal server)
TightVNC (VNC Xvnc) on openSUSE as Client or Server (Remote Desktop Connections)
SDB:VNC usage - openSUSE

If I’m not mistaken, both suggestions require that an OS is running on computer B. I’m going for a thin client approach.

This seems to come close to what I need, but I’m still trying to figure out how to set it up:
Portal:KIWI-LTSP - openSUSE

I’m having some trouble with the DHCP server and the SSH server.](

I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do now as I have no experience running a DHCP or SSH server.

My issues with LTSP have been dealt with.

I’ve figured out that I’ll probably need a minimalistic Linux distro that boots right into a Remote Desktop Protocol login prompt. Do you know any distros that fit this description? Can I deploy them with PXE?

You have forgotten to start ssh server (insserv sshd && rcsshd restart), also setup network related variables DHCPD_IFACES and SERVER_IPS in /etc/sysconfig/kiwi-ltsp after configuring network then run kiwi-ltsp-setup -c.

SDB:LTSP quick start 11.4 Edu - openSUSE

LTSP is what you need if you want to network boot clients and use resources on the server.



PS. See if you need more support.

Which operating system is running on computer B? If its Windows or MAC you can use RHUBremote support servers to remotely access and reboot computer A. It works well.