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I did a net install of tumbleweed with gnome desktop . It did not install gnome 3.30 it installed 3.28.2 is gnome 3.30 ready yet ? if so how do I upgrade to it ?

Not a Gnome user, but this may be helpful…

GNOME 3.30 will be available shortly in many distributions. If you want to try it
today, you can use the soon-to-be-released Fedora 29 or the openSUSE nightly
live images which will both include GNOME 3.30 very soon.

Getting GNOME – GNOME*

Gnome Next repo…

My Tumbleweed is up to date. It still says 3.28.2 for the Gnome version. Some of the Gnome software is at 3.30.

As far as I know, some of the 3.30 software has not yet passed the OpenQA testing. And apparently the 3.30 version of “gdm” isn’t working for autologin.

Give it a few days, and there will probably be an update to Gnome 3.30.

Yes, that’s probably the best approach (unless the OP is happy to take risks associated factory testing).

Thanks for all the information

An update on this. Gnome updated to 3.30.1 today (snapshot 20181018, released today).

Yesterday, I noted that Gnome 3.30 is here in Tumbleweed.

Today, I will note that there’s a significant bug report. Some folk are having poor performance with 3.30. I did not notice that, using a KVM virtual machine. But whether you have problems might depend on the hardware.

Severe Performance Degradation with update to latest tumbleweed (20181018)