netInstall with ethernet, now only wireless


Please help.

For the netinstall installation of SuSe11.1,
I used an ethernet cable
which had to be disconnected afterwards.

The installation took ages, but worked well. Thx!

My problem: no network over WLAN / wireless.

Ethernet cable had to be disconnected,
now there is only a USB wireless-LAN stick,
and I cannot get it working.

  • MSI US54EX (USB-Stick)
  • WPA-PSK with AES and a preshared key

YaST Netzwerkgeräte…Netzwerkeinstellungen:
shows both hardware:

I tried DHCP, manual IP adresses, etc.

Unfortunately in Yast,
there does not seem to be a simple
“Drahtlosnetzwerke anzeigen” (show wireless networks)
(like in windows),
in which I just select my router
and the rest is automatical, and works.

  • What do I need to change after suse-netinstall
    when I disconnect Ethernet,
    and change to wireless for good?

  • The wireless US54EX is the only network connector now.

  • What tools can I use to check the hardware,
    and the network?

  • what modules do I need to specify
    to use the wireless card?

Probably it is easier, and more reliable,
if you tell me where and what to change
in the configuration files, instead of yast procedures.

which part of which config/settings file
can I cite here to specify the actual configuration?

some more disgnosis:

pinging the router
I never got the normal ping answer

at the moment I get:
connect: Network is unreachable

before I got different answers,
something with a single number in it.

Probably I have mis-configured
the system even more now.

Is there a way to “reset”
the network configuration completely
so that I start the network from scratch,
or do I need to reinstall the whole 3GB
SuSe installation just for that little question?

Many many thanks in advance!

SUDDENLY it works. Wireless only internet access.

The terrible thing is, I do not even know what I did
to make it work, but after some rebooting suddenly
the system has internet access.


Sorry for bothering you.

Have a nice day, and
all the best for 2009!