Netgear WNA3100 wireless usb-adapter


Im new to Opensuse and I just installed version 12.3. When I plugin my Netgear WNA3100 nothing happens, is there anyone who can help me to install my netgear wireless usb-adapter WNA3100? As Im new to Opensuse, will you please send me on how to do this step by step?

I was taking a fast look to opensuse and I think it will be a great operating system. The screen looks great! I hope to learn more
about Opensuse soon.

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first: -=WELCOME=- new poster and new user!!

unfortunately 12.3 shipped with a bad bug in the networking stuff which trips up a lot of folks… (details in in the 12.3 release notes here

most times you just need to have had two boots after the install process seemed to be complete…

so, do that and then if you still have problems i’d ask you to move to the wireless forum (here where you will find some ‘stickies’ at the very top of that forum…read through them and you will most likely find the step-by-step instructions you need to get you going (that works for most folks)…

if that does not work for you then you will find in those stickies how to collect and present the data the helpers in the wireless forum will need to help you…so, if you need to post on this issues (after working through the stickies) do so in that other forum and include the info requested…

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Hi, welcome

Please open a terminal window and do

ip addr

and post output here, between CODE tags, the # in the editor. This will allow us to see if the adapter is basically working but needs configuration.