Netflix streaming

I am interested in streaming video from Neflix on a Linux machine. Is there a way to install Microsoft Silverlight, which is how the process works in Windows, or perhaps another alternative? I routinely stream using Firefox, so IE is clearly not necessary. Any ideas?

the linux equivalent for silverlight is moonlight, you need to install the

open yast and search for it or

open a console and type

sudo zypper moonlight-plugin

but moonlight is not fully compatible to the newest versions of silverlight
so you will need a little bit of luck that the page you want to view works
with it, I do not know if moonlight can work with netflix - simply test it

> sudo zypper moonlight-plugin

of course it should be

sudo zypper in moonlight-plugin

Try the 3.0 preview (works with the Olympics)

Cheers Malcolm °¿° (Linux Counter #276890)
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