netflix question

Hi all, I was wondering if there is a way to view netflix with SUSE. It tells me that they don’t support my operating system. This may be the last reason to keep a windows puter around lol.
I have a valid working account, Canadian site, and it works fine on win7 for me. Im still the novice type of linux user, but would appreciate any info.

Well, since they are increasing my cost by $1 a month, I called and told them I don’t mind paying it, if they started supporting my operating system. The customer service rep said she would report my concern to the technical department.

I suggest all Linux users contact Netflix and request support for Linux.

I get enough streaming video to watch from Hulu, Crackle, WB, CBS, NBC, WB, TNT …

Yeah, I installed Virtualbox and use a slimmed down XP for just netflix. Unfortunately it’s either that or rebooting into windows just for instant watch.

Hi again and thanks for the input. For now I’ll stay with win for the netflix until I get more competent with a virtual box. I can view the regular tv networks and I even learned how to fool hulu (because I’m in Canada) so I’m making progress. I need to use windows for my magic jack phone anyways so I always have my win on. At this time I have no telephone or cable bill anymore, just my internet bill. The family still talks to me too, lol. My downsizing experiment has become the norm here and accepted by the rest of the household.

Never surrender… I also have killed the phone bills and cable… so while I myself haven’t gotten it to work, I recommend Wine. It at least somewhat supports the latest version of IE, but I haven’t gotten it to stream yet. Also everything else runs Netflix… my BlueRay DVD player, my Apple TV, the Roku the HP touchpad, the iPad, all my iPhones… and if you can get XBMC to work a netflix setup viola.

@shockman: Have you tried the following?

I have not registered for netflix, but I did seem to get ‘netflix-desktop’ installed and working, with the browser launching and Netflix ‘Sign In’ window opened.

Netflix Desktop provides a convient tool that downloads and installs all of the components necessary to run Netflix Watch Instantly under Wine, including the Windows version of Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Silverlight v4. This package also includes some convience settings to integrate Netflix into Firefox in such a way that everything feels like a native Ubuntu application.