Netflix: please come to your senses soon! *random rant*

It’s been well over a year and Netflix still does not support linux for watch-instantly. GRR! >:(

The story: Knowing this limitation of netflix, I just tried to start up the legitimate copy of MS Vista that I have running under VMWare on my OpenSuSe install (yes, it really is legit). Stupid Netflix.

Everything starts up fine. I log in and then: BAM! Windows Genuine Advantage dumps my books, pushes me over and then steals my lunch money. It then mockingly proclaims: “Your copy of Vista is pirated!” as it gives me a wedgie in front of the entire school. (ok, no more bully references)

Cue a lot of profanity: What?!? I have the Vista box sitting on a shelf right next to me and I’ve installed only one copy of it in this VM. Nothing has changed (no hardware change) except that now some random server at MS decided that it’s been pirated. It’s enough to make me scream. What idiot thought that this WGA system was a good idea?

Never before has it been so clear to me why MS needs to crumble and die so that it can be replaced by a better company/product. hugs his linux desktop even closer bah!

Right now I’d settle for just visiting Ballmer’s house to leave a flaming bag of dog crap on his front doorstep.>:)

As a side note: I also noticed that there doesn’t seem to be a visible way to send a nasty-gram to Netflix about this absurd requirement of theirs. Just a phone number.:stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry if this isn’t the right place for this rant, but I figured this would get at least a chuckle from a few of you. Any other encounters with WGA to share? Let’s point and laugh at the MS monkey some more as we ride the linux boat to the land of the free.

eventually their ganna drop all the copy protection crap because of someone is ganna pirate it, theyre ganna pirate it. the wga effects tons of people who own legit copies of windows and very rarely if ever effects people who pirate the software. i have a pirated copy running in vmware and it has never had an issue(i own 3 vista licenses for 2 laptops and a desktop that arent even running it anymore so i dont feel bad about pirating a copy for one vm). but my mom who is running a computer with a legit code started getting these errors which would not stop till she called hp, which after about 2 hours told her to call ms and about an hour later they gave he the activation code to re-up it.

moral of the story: pirates will always beat you

Your Vista key might been “generated” by a 3rd party random keygenerator somewhere around the globe and has been thus registered by someone else - I would contact MS and ask them to send you a new key.

As for the WGA, well - if there weren’t pirates, there wouldn’t be WGA.

As for the NetFlix, as I understand it they use Silverlight which has some interesting video transmission techniques such as http based multi-rate chunk technology that allows tricks such as changing bitrates and resolution on the fly - no other streaming system currently allows this which would explain why they’re using it.