Netbook question

Hey all…

I’m looking at the HP Mini 110 Netbook.

I have one on order…

Just wanted to know if SUSE is supported on the HP Mini 110?

What should I look for?


More specifically on the model:


> 1125NR

but, don’t you have your questions backwards?

that is, shouldn’t you ask HP if their 1125NR supports Linux before
you order? (of course they will say no…on the other hand, they DO
sell hardware with Linux installed at the factory, and if you ask if
those machines support Win 7, i guess they might say no…you need to
check, some warranty statements clearly say that changing the
operating system VOIDS the warranty)

here is all i can find (through google):“HP+MIni+110”+1125NR

on the other hand, maybe a 1125 owner will read your Q and respond, or
you can check here:

and since the 1125 is not listed on that, and you already ordered, be
sure and update that page when you have found all the secrets for your

oh, and look here:

Have a lot of fun…

Okay. Thanks. I will likely just keep XP on it.

Can I be blunt, Most netbooks are very similar, I have yet to find one that won’t run linux, I am very happily running suse 11.2 on a Packard Bell (acer d250 clone), try a dual boot and give it a go, What have you got to lose, If it doesn;t work you can always delete, reload the windows boot loader (fixmbr from an install cd)
and use as D: drive (which is always a good idea with windows anyway).

installing opensuse on an HP Mini 110 series has not been a straight issue and there might well be bug to report. Mkinintrd seems to fail and installing the boot loader fails. Also, on 11.1, the install worked but the installed system couldn’t even access the Ethernet card, despite that the install disk could activate the card if one choose to run an net install, so that is a serious problem. I’m hoping that on Sunday when the full 11.2 distro is released that I’ll have better luck, but this has been the hardest install I’ve done in nearly 13 years of using and installing Linux distros of all stripe on hardware large and small.

Ruben Safir

The best choices i have found in the netbook/ mini laptops is the Gateway, dell mini 12 and a couple of the Asus. the hp’s i have not tested yet.but most of the minis out there are all running the same hardware, except for the drive size and the different ram amounts. they can be configured and up and running for the most part. 11.2 will have a larger support for the netbooks. the best advise is check with HP and ask tech support for the open source support. they do have machines that are with linux os.