netbios yast name resolution problem, smb printing - OS 11.1

I discovered a problem with the Yast “Add a new printer configuration” “Connection Wizard” when configuring a connection to a SMB printer share.

When you try to “Test Connection” yast tries to resolve the NetBios Host name with a DNS query (checked it with wireshark). Unless you configured a DNS yast will not resolve the host name and thus will not be able to set up a connection. It prompts a weird error “ping: unknown host”.

Shouldn’t it do a SMB name resolution broadcast or try to resolve the name with a wins name server?

If you ignore this failed test yast does however configure the printer correctly. You can also configure the printer through the cups web interface http://localhost:631/.

Glad you got it working. For other users who can’t get it working, there is a full tutorial here: Samba Printer Sharing: openSUSE Print Server for Linux & Windows Clients