Netatalk 2.2 and Mac OS X 10.7 LION

Hey everyone,

Recently I blindly upgraded my Mac OS X machine to Apple’s newest OS version: 10.7 Lion. Unfortunately they upgraded their AFP implementation in such a way that now I cannot connect to my opensuse 11.4 box. However, that is quite essential for my TimeMachine backup to run over the network. Also, I can’t quite go back to using samba for this because then timemachine will corrupt its own backup after a while. I tried NFS once, but that went a little over my head.

After a some googling, I came accross this blog that suggested a solution. I followed those steps, and behold I was even able to get the whole netatalk 2.2-beta4 thing to build correctly. However I couldn’t get the afpd to run properly, since

/etc/init.d/netatalk start

did not seem to start the daemon in such a way that it actually opened a port
(well, the latter is just a guess - os x told me it couldn’t connect to the specified server, rather than that the server version was incorrect)
Log-files didn’t provide anything useful, and essentially I’d prefer it if I could install v2.2 via yast, rather than leaving traces of improperly configurated software all over my system.

The default OSS repository contains Netatalk 2.0.3. I need version 2.2. I’ve also been looking around the buildservice, but all i could find was a bunch of failed projects…
Is there anyone else with this issue who might be able to help? I’d really appreciate it. :wink:

netstat -tulp

as root will tell you which ports programs are listening to (and which programs). When your port is there, then most probably the firewall blocks access to it.