Netatalk 2.0.5 and opensuse 11.2

Is there someone who knows how to create a RPM from netatalk 2.0.5. Or better has a URL to a RPM? I aske this because so fare I know there are no RPM’s for opensuse 11.2 (or suse).

I want to use this RPM in the susestudio this is because the version in the repositories don’t work with snow leopard.


Ivo Trompert

There is good tutorial on how to build openSuSE rpm’s
On this link
But why bother with RPM when you can just build it from source and it’s easier as well. You can find great instructions on Netatalk’s web page.

I’ve taken the 2.0.3 src RPM from the factory and updated it to version 2.0.5, adding support for CUPS, the KRB5 and DHX2 UAMs, a PAM config using the common-auth settings, and a config file for avahi if installed. At the very least they compile on my 11.2 box. If anyone’s willing to put them up somewhere, I’ll send the src and x86_64 binaries.

I can’t put them online, but can I have the sorce and the binarie package please? I have send my email in a private message.

Thank you,

Ivo Trompert

I sent an email with the RPMS attached about four hours before your post… did it not arrive?

Thank you for the packages! :slight_smile:

I would love to get a copy of the packages, do you have them hosted somewhere like

Here is a link to a zip file containing:

netatalk-2.0.5-sk1.src.rpm (source package)
netatalk-devel-2.0.5-sk1.x86_64.rpm (development package)
netatalk-2.0.5-sk1.x86_64.rpm (binary package)

Note: The development package conflicts with binary package. So you must install only one of them.

I have installed the package and it works perfectly.

Click here fore the file!

Ivo Trompert

Thanks, I will give them a try tonight.

Assuming that the netatalk rpms that Ivo was kind enough to post to rapidshare are the ones I made (-sk1), here are my additions to the changelog. Please note the warning in the first line item. I put the RPMS together to be helpful, but if they make you lose data, job and spouse, you’ll have only my regrets (depending how attached you were to the above). And I may not have time to fix any problems. If you try them anyway, please post how it goes so that others looking for a recent version of netatalk know whether to try them or stay far away.


* Fri Jan 29 2010 sk-public(and the domain name is)
- BEWARE! Packager does not know what he is doing. Use at own risk!
- update netatalk to 2.0.5
- remove libspooldir and add enable-cups configuration options
- add krbV and DHX2 UAMs
- add libgcrypt to requirements (for DHX2 uam)
- add cnid_metad to start/stop script
- add bash script to create afpd.service if Avahi service directory exists

Thanks - your rpms worked very nicely! (Ivo Trompert thanks for posting them).

So now I have a hard decision to make! I have been using a FreeNAS OS on a 4x 2TB drive machine as a AFP and Samba server for my storage/backups. It boots off a USB drive, but I have been less than happy with it lately. How would openSuSE work as a server (now that I have netatalk working well as TimeMachine backup for OS X)? My concerns are around release schedules, I think that 11.2 was the first that officially supported in place upgrade, that is very important for me, and the question is should one rely on it for an important server? I have been using Gentoo on a smaller RAID 5 (4x 1TB) server as they use a rolling release…