.NET + mono, how?

I am developing flex application where back-end is done in .NET
There I do not have a choice. I have that DLL’s and all files which are normally published to IIS (source also, collegue’s machine).

I am developing flex front-end in openSUSE. IIS is on local network which has no internet access, so I have to connect to win2003 server where .NET files are. Network changes are lame because I need to switch it all the time.

Since I never worked with .NET before, is there a way, and how, to have local server on openSUSE where .NET will be, so I can do tests locally instead of connecting to internal network?

Is it possible? What I do need to setup?
I am totally illiterate in .NET (though I know to work with PHP/Apache/MySQL)

ASP.NET - Mono

Dot nyet does not run on Linux. Mono is a .NET clone but does not have all the .NET functions yet (probably never). For your awkward net problem I see only one solution. Install Windows and .NET in a virtual machine and run against it locally.

Currently for asp.net only webparts are not supported.

In fact some great info about porting an asp .net site can be found at:
Guide: Porting ASP.NET Applications - Mono

Well, OK… I am stranded then…

@gogalthorp, speaking of which, when having XP VM in VBox, how to I connect to it? As I see for default it’s bridged, or whatever it is, have same IP as host.
What do I have to do?

In XP run ipconfig and see what the IP address is. I have never used .NET but I use Samba sometimes and that works fine between the VM and host. You can also setup other network models but I don’t think that is need, though it might be.

Yap… thanks for help