.NET framework & WINE 1.1.30

In order to install .NET 3.0, first one has to install .NET 2.0 as a pre-requisite. But even with using winetricks (latest version), RegSvcs.exe always crashes while installing .NET 2.0 - thus causing the installer to stop.
As you can see HERE, .NET 2 and .NET 3 are considered to be working.** Does anyone here experience the same and maybe even know how to resolve this?** Thanks for answering.

Asking for a last time this question: id anyone by chance have the same issue and might know how to resolve this?

Take a look at this… Hope it helps

[ubuntu] How to install dotnetfx in Wine - Ubuntu Forums](http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1066476)

Thanks for your contribution. I´m still not through. Although the .NET framework exist since AGES by now, Wine obviously still has its hickups.
Take a look: WineHQ Bugzilla - .NET Framework 2.0: Installation Fails in winxp mode

Why use .NET through wine?. Use Mono if you need to develop .NET apps on Linux

Thanks for your reply, microchip8.
Development takes place on another system - not in wine. What I use wine for? Currently there´s a number of applications I´d love to un through wine - mono just sucks there.