Well WTF are they doing?
three days now occupying 90% of MY computer…
Currently 3.4Gb of space…
When can I tell them to {mod edit}

I had to edit away you obvious frustration:

Why not just disable these:)


how exactly can one prevent nepomukserver from launch at all?
i have it disabled and nevertheless starts with every new session occuping > 200 mb virtual memory :sarcastic:
cannot uninstall it due to dependencies…

as workaround use an autostart script that kills it

other solutions?

200 mb
Are you sure?
I have not removed it, neither have I tried, just turned it off in sys settings
It shows as 2.6mb on my system

I have it on, awaiting functionality in Dolphin. Just out of curiosity. Aside from it not working yet, it does not harm my system in the way wakou describes.

Mine working just fine until I try to search for something. It simply has no result. I tried to add tags and rate files but still nothing.

System monitor:

virtual size 280.3 mb
memory 9.3 mb
shared memory 10.9 mb