Nepomuk/strigi in 4.4

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Since 4.4 pretty much forces kmail/korganizer/kaddressbook/etc users into using nepomuk+akonadi+mysql+virtuoso (netbook users will love that :P) I thought that I may as well get strigi running and see how that thing works. Enabling it was painless - just checked the appropriate option in SystemSettings, strigi did it’s initial indexing without any errors and switched itself into idle mode. So now time for some testing. I launched dolphin and typed “jazz” into search bar but got no response - dolphin (launched with --nofork option) didn’t throw anything into konsole and dbusmonitor doesn’t show anything either. Second thing I noticed, is that in information panel, I don’t have options to rate/comment/tag files (it only displays size/owner/date/permissions data) that I see in all those screenshots in nepomuk praising articles. Adding metadata in gwenview works fine. Next I tried nepomuk kio. In krunner typed


which resulted in dolphin showing some results. Bad results unfortunately - it looks like it displayed all files indexed by strigi (most of which doesn’t have anything to do with jazz) + some rubbish with nepomuk icons. Same happens when i type:


Ok - lets try another search:


which results in dolphin saying: “The process for the nepomuksearch protocol died unexpectedly” - bummer. I took some jpeg, added tag “test” in gwenview, and tried to find it with nepomuk:

both result in the same dolphin response: “The process for nepomuk protocol died unexpectedly”.

I haven’t used nepomuk with strigi before, so I’m not sure if my problems are kde4.4 related, or I’m just doing something wrong (am I ???) Does strigi/nepomuk work fine on your 4.4 kde setup ? I glanced at kde bug tracking system, and on first look it seems I’m alone with my problem, so I tend to believe that I’m doing something wrong :confused:

Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Bart :wink:

Actually, nepomuk (with virtuoso) + akonadi worked fine for me in 4.3.4. Strigi - sort of. I got it running, and it completed the initial indexing just fine. It started re-indexing the entire thing upon next login though, so I disabled the strigi part.

Upon upgrading to 4.4 beta 1 (factory repos) I get exactly the same symptoms as you do. Nothing nepomuk-related in the sidebar, and using the search-kio slaves I either get the “process died unexpectedly” or results that have very little to do with the query.

The nepomuk-processes are running though, and gwenview can read previously entered tags and ratings (from 4.3.4) just fine so I suspect there’s a bug in either Dolphin or the nepomuk kio-slaves. I’m not sure whether it’s a upstream or packaging problem though.

Edited to add: I used this search in Dolphin to find all images tagged with Wallpapers (okay, silly example but I used it just for testint) nepomuksearch:/hastag=Wallpapers

Worked fine in 4.3.4, but now seems to find everything nepomuk has ever touched.

In 4.3 Nepomuk was using soprano. It was indexing my files but when I tried to search, no result!. After I updated to 4.4 nepomuk stopped working and after looking around I noticed that it needs virtuoso, so I installed it. Now Nepomuk is indexing and I can see rating and tagging in dolphin but I still can’t search!

In a review I just read in Linux Format it received a rank of 1 out of 10
What does this mean.
Basically it’s ‘Brown and Steaming’ and like something a dog just dumped.

Ranked 9 out of 10 but not quite top: Close your eyes when you read this: Beagle!!

*In a review I just read in Linux Format it received a rank of 1 out of 10
What does this mean.
Basically it’s ‘Brown and Steaming’ and like something a dog just dumped.

Ranked 9 out of 10 but not quite top: Close your eyes when you read this: Beagle!! *

This says it all!

Couldn’t agree more (although I see a big improvements in beta2 - we’ll see how it end up in 4.4 rc or final). BTW they reviewed nepomuk/strigi from 4.4beta or 4.3.x ?

Well, beagle might be a good solution if you are not using kdepim apps (kmail, kaddressbook, etc.), which right now require nepomuk/akonadi/mysql/virtuoso either way (strigi indexing is optional). Installing beagle is another bag of services and resources (including mono that is also not much liked in linux world) - ergo more things to start on boot + more ram usage. For these reasons, I prefer recoll over beagle, although the best solution would be working nepomuk+strigi (better kde integration).

Bart :wink:

strigi 0.6.3
no detail on kde version

FYI: recoll came out top

Looks like the Nepomuk started working back (file searching) with the RC1 version.

Sort of. I still can’t get the integrated dolphin-search to provide any results, but pasting something like the following in the location bar works.


Even if it’s somewhat slow if there are lots of files tagged with that (could be a concern if you use the digikam->nepomuk sync option for example)