Nepomuk popup in kde

Dear all,
I keep getting the following pop up at kde which is pretty annoying…
ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting
I have disabled nepomuk starting up from contol center.

What else should I try to completely avoid it in the fugure?


Funny, I don’t see that when Nepomuk is disabled. Which KDE?

I’d say you should be able to find the message in the notifications, then disable it.

I remember having the same (or very similar) problem. I eventually un-installed Akonadi, and all was well. Funny though, I checked Yast to get the correct spelling of Akonadi, and it’s installed again. But I don’t see that pop-up anymore. So, I guess you could try that. It will also want to un-install Kmail and a few other apps, none of which I use anyway. You might want to wait for more suggestions, I’m not sure why it got re-installed… might be something I did, I’ve been having other problems lately.

You might want to try this, it seems a little long & involved but if you’re as irritated as I was it’ll be worth it.

  1. Kicker>Configure Desktop>Desktop Search
    2)Untick Enable Email Indexer then untick Enable Nepomuk Semantic Desktop close Configure Desktop
    3)Open Dolphin to your /home/folder if you haven’t already click View tick View Hidden Files
    4)Look for .kde4 open it look for the share folder open it
    5)look for & open config folder
  2. find the the kdedrc file & add these lines if not already there

click Save close
If you should see that autoload is already false when get there it’s OK to just close it then Logout/Login
If all has gone as it did for me you won’t be bothered again.

Yes quite a bit of KDE depends on Akonadi you really shouldn’t uninstall it.