Nepomuk and session

Hi all! I’m new to opensuse, just installed opensuse 11.2, kde4.3. Everything is functioning very well:)! but I’m experiencing a strange problem (at least, strange to me…;)).

I managed to run nepomuk and strigi correctly, using soprano backend, but if I manually start nepomuk and enable it from systemsettings and set kde to start with an emtpy session, nepomuk doesn’t automatically start. The “nepomukserver” service seems to be running but none of the “nepomukservicestub” services got started, so I can’t tag or comment files.
If I set kde to restore previuos session I have nepomuk correctly started at every boot (given nepomuk was running in the previous session). Using Kubuntu (kde 4.3 as well) I never experienced this behaviour.

Can somebody give me hints or just point me in the right direction to understand why this happens?
I searched many times for this problem but didn’t find anything similar… I hope my problem description was clear enough…

Thank you!