NeoRouter CLI to GUI

I recently became disillusioned with using Hamachi for my VPN needs.

After searching around I found NeoRouer, it has allot more bells and whistles, complete control over the network and the best part its free with no restrictions.

The only down side I have found so far is that the client (NeoRouter Network Explorer) for Linux runs in CLI only, the developers state on there web site that a GUI is low priority.

I am not a programmer and after looking into what it would take to create a GUI front end for NeoRouter it seems like a big task at least.

My searches on how to make a GUI for a CLI program have not turned up much. I did find this gem on

console_reader console_reader

But like I said I am not a programmer and how to go about using it is beyond me so far.

Is this to much for a noob like me to take on and where can I find more on how to go about it and would it be easier to develop a QT app or a Plasmiod ?