Nemo wont give me video thumbnails

I am using openSUSE 42.1 with LXDE and Cinnamon Desktop. I installed with LXDE and then put Cinnamon on top. I normally use Nemo and have in other OS’s with no issue. However here I can view all but video thumbnails. Other thumbnails work fine just video

I have ffmpegthumbnailer installed
I have Nemo settings to allow preview of files up to 8GIG so that should not be the issue

I have also given the command to symlink the .thumbnails directory in ~ to ./cach/thumbnails but it still wiill not give me video thumbnails. do to the fact that i really need these as i work with video all the time. I find this most disturbing.

Right now pcmanfm is what I am using and I have no issue’s with thumbnails on it. I prefer nemo but if it wont’ work then i’ll have to use this other fm anyone have any ideas why this isn’t working in nemo? I never had it show some thumbs and not others it either would show all or none but not this pictures its great and video it doesn’t work kinda ****.