nemo keeps opening removable drives

I want removal drives to mount, NOT open. Nemo keeps opening when I boot up.
I set gsettings as follows. No change:

$ gsettings set automount-open false

What about;

gsettings get autorun-x-content-open-folder

Maybe fire up dconf-editor and check the other keys (or via gsettings), I don’t use nemo, maybe it’s something specific to that application?

I’m unsure what it means, but:

gsettings get autorun-x-content-open-folder

outputs: “@as ]”

I’m using cinnamon, hence Nemo

Nothing set there, there are some more keys (I’m on GNOME) that may be worth checking;

gsettings list-keys

One thing to try is creating a test user and login as the test user and see if it duplicates. If it does then deeper in the system, else user specific issue.

Fixed here:

Thanks for your replies!