need "xhost +" to run apps, why?

I just did a system upgrade from 42.3 to 15.0 using zypper.
Now, I can´t start any X application.

I need to type xhost + to start any program now.

Did 15.0 introduce some new group a user has to be added to?
There is no ~/.Xauthority file in $HOMEDIR either.

How can I better handle that than always using xhost + ?


Working fine here, without “xhost +”.

No, that’s not normal behaviour. Try creating another user and then log in as that user. Any different?

As said, that is not normal when the program is strated by the same user that loged in in that GUI on that GUI.

Apart from the suggestions above (use other user), you could explain more detailed then “using zypper” how you upgraded from 42.3 > 15.0 to check if that was done correct.