need urgent help

hi all,
i just downloaded open suse for my system and unzip the files, after that i accidentally installed the open suse installer and didn’t prepare the dvd and my pc asked me to reboot. now i can’t exit the setup, cuz it asked me to enter the cd 1
PS (i still need my windows stuffs )

the installation would not load any booting options if you quit form the installation

you can continue with your windows stuff as ususal…

just abort your installation

can you confirm one thing:::::: did you just tried to install it orelse installed it

i have installed the installer and i don’t know how to exit from the boot screen. their is only reboot or tern off

do not reboot bcoz it may ask again for installation…
just turnoff your system…
by pressing the relevant options given for you

actually you said that you have downloaded openSUSE

is that an .iso file or some thing else

bcoz you need to have a DVD to boot from or else a usb to boot from

i downloaded it from and it was a zip file, but the file name was .iso i didn’t burn it in a dvd i just unzipped the file and installed the installer

never ever try to do that if you r trying to boot from a DVD…

there is a way to boot from files viz. through usb you can boot from it…

play safe while installing any sort of OS.if possible try to see any prior information to install

Concepts - openSUSE

can you post about your problem is it solved still its saying the same old story on your screen

I’m so sorry but i got a little complicated :frowning:
what exactly should i do now ?

ok tell what’s the problem you are having now

is that a new one or else the old one

it’s the same problem

if you have got rid of that previous problem

boot into your windows burn that .iso of openSUSE

insert your DVD >> reboot>> do the media check before trying to intsall

how to do a media check?
ans: you will have a option in the boot menu loaded from the DVD…

before you go for burning the DVD and the remaining process…

i recommend you to once download the torrent file of the same version>> use that torrent file through a torrent client>> select the previous downloaded file>>> the torrent client checks for the whole data on the DVD so that if any data is not there on the dvd you can just let it complete the whole download

after completing the whole process

you can install the openSUSE

the problem is that i can’t boot to my windows

aren’t you able to boot into your windows now?

if not just try tapping f10 key in the system start up so that you can select to boot from the HDD

i tried everything to boot from HDD but it always boot to opensuse installation

if you dont mind wasting a hour… try to repair your windows from windows cd

any way i’m a user as you said i did have problems while installation… but it did not have any thing to do with windows

but your problem is quite complicated

i’m not a geek over booting

It sounds like

  1. the openSUSE installer has been added to the windows boot options
  2. and this perhaps has become the windows booting default, so the option to activate windows gets bypassed

is that close to the mark?

And – is this vista or xp?

have you TRIED to read the instructions?
that is, who told you to unzip an .iso file?


do you have any other solutions other than repairing windows


thankq for the solution

You’re welcome :slight_smile: