Need Upgrade Advice

I have a desktop running OpenSuSE 10.1 and MythTV (along with MySQL, Apache, etc.). Its sole function is MythTV, and Apache, etc. are only visible on my LAN. As such, I haven’t updated it very much in the past two years.

I just ran out of space on my video partition, so I bought a 500GB SATA disk and an Initio 1622 PCI SATA card - which, though it advertised “linux compatibility”, needs the sata_inic162x driver.

Here’s my problem:

  1. The kernels in the update repository for 10.1 are all 2.6.16.x. The sata_inic162x driver first appeared in 2.6.21, and from what I hear, had issues throughout most of the early .21 tree.

  2. I didn’t follow my usual convention of making two equally-sized system partitions on the main disk in this machine, so I can’t install 11.0 on a separate partition.

  3. I’m VERY wary of trying the “system upgrade” feature. I did this once on a 9.3 box when 10.2 was just out, and it ended up upgrading glibc and then dieing, so the whole system ended up unusable!

Any suggestions, short of chuck 2 years’ of customizations, scripts, and little config files hiding here and there, and install 11.0?

Maybe put the SATA disk in a USB2 external disk enclosure? Or exchange for a supported controller?

The biggest issue here is that I’m without a way to watch TV until I get this working…

I’m pretty sure that I don’t have a USB enclosure that supports SATA… I guess I’ll have to dig around for a new controller… or else bite the bullet and upgrade…