Need to simplify the installer

There is a list of problems that i’m facing as a newbie to the linux world. I desperately want to shift to linux from windows.

  1. The opensuse installer called yast is extremely confusing for installing apps.
  2. I tried to watch youtube which wanted flashplayer add-on. normally in windows you click the link which takes you to adobe website. you click the link and its installed. restart the firefox and walah!
  3. I clicked the link in same way in suse, yast opened, and started downloading 500MB worth of data and unknown God knows wat.
  4. I did my every effort to stop that process but the OPenSuse 11.2 crashed and wud not abort that on-going downloading packages process of yast.
  5. i tried again and again and it kept doing that.
  6. I somehow managed to install just the flash player addon somehow.
  7. I’m sorry guys but i’m never going to use the terminal way in my life cuz i cant learn dat now and besides it just takes u back to stone-age.
  8. I tried Mandriva 2010… I love their installer. extremely painless and ridiculously simple. but i didnt install that distro cuz its not stable. Can i use their installer in opensuse.
  9. And oh my god, the names of the apps for linux. its like not an app name but some file name like holalulu.gz.rpm.deb. i mean wat does that tell u wat that software is for???

Please help me out… i wana stick to linux. i am fed up of windows.

Can anyone please email me how to make opensuse more simplified for myself. is there anyone out there. plzzzzzzzzzzz

my email add is

I dont know how i’m going to find this thread of mine the next time dats y :stuck_out_tongue: :P:shame:

ahmedakg welcome to openSUSE and welcome to our forum.

Unfortunately, things are done different in Linux and also in openSUSE, due in no small part because its a volunteer driven operating system (with similar volunteer driven applications) that in the most part follow the free opensource software philsophy (where ‘free’ is not free as in free beer, but free as in the free software foundation definition of free).

Linux, and indeed openSUSE, can be quite annoying and intimidating, and indeed frustrating for the new user. Here is a link to a Concepts page that may explain some of the basics for you (although I suspect seeing this may just frustrate you further): Concepts - openSUSE

… anyway, an important thing you need to know is this is a support forum. Not a developers forum. We have no say over the design. Rather we just are volunteers who provide support. If you wish to influence the design, the place for you to go is openFate:

Best wishes in your efforts.

Hi, ahmedakg. This is a forum, not chat. You won’t always get an immediate response. If you would like to be notified when somebody replies, click “Thread Tools” in the tool bar, and then click “Subscribe to this thread.” You will be emailed for each response to the subject.

For managing software in Yast, have a look at the article

YaST/Modules/Software Management - openSUSE

As for using the terminal, this usually isn’t necessary, but command-driven apps can be much more powerful than the GUIs, and most of them will carry over to other Linux distros. It will be beneficial to become familiar and fairly proficient this way.

Thank you all for sharing with me your knowledge. I’m trying to learn about using linux these days as it has become my obsession to know wat it is. its a rough ride. but eventually i hope i figure it out. I have pretty nice ideas regarding making a linux based operating system which will totally take on the operating system market. but unfortunately i am not a developer and i dont have any skills… all i have is a very creative vision.
The reason y i got attracted to linux was becuz:

  1. It is virus free
  2. Crash Proof
  3. Plug n Play OS with full driver support for anything u have in ur CPU or any thing u plug into it
  4. Pre installed software for almost anything u want to do on it
  5. Its lightening fast.

Someday i will have such an OS in my hand custom made according to my visions which everyone in the world will want to get their hands on. I’m committed for it. I would love to get linux community’s help in this regard.


I’m glad to hear that you are joining the Linux/OSS community, ahmedakg. I’m sure that you will be pleased with Linux, but I hope that your expectations are not too high, you could end up being disappointed.

  1. It is virus free

Trojans and root kits exist, but they are rare.

  1. Crash Proof

This isn’t quite true, but you won’t find a more stable system.

  1. Plug n Play OS with full driver support for anything u have in ur CPU or any thing u plug into it

This can be problematic. Most hardware is proprietary, and vendors tend to be closed with their APIs. Some are very good about providing updated drivers, but there are some who ignore Linux entirely.

  1. Pre installed software for almost anything u want to do on it

There are places where Linux lags here, such as gaming.

  1. Its lightening fast.

By my experience, it’s much faster than Windows, but speed can vary with your system and the demands you place on it.

I think you will like what you see, but there is a learning curve for a new system, and if you expect too much in the beginning, you could be disappointed.

Someday i will have such an OS in my hand custom made according to my visions which everyone in the world will want to get their hands on. I’m committed for it. I would love to get linux community’s help in this regard.

More power too you, I admire your ambition. One place to start learning is Suse Studio, which allows you to build your own Live CD. You might want to learn the basics of Linux and openSUSE first, though.

Welcome – SUSE Studio

Having installed and messed up alot of different linux installers, I would hazard to say that OpenSuSE’s is one of the most watertight installers out there,

If you take your time over it, it will reward you. In many cases you can proceed to go ahead with something and you can always turn back, and then start again, especially with editing partition tables.

Bear in mind it’s a delicate operation.

Also, just as when you first install windows, you have a lot of updates to download.

Both the DVD and live-cds have a script installed called pullin-flashplayer. What this does is, the first time you update, it tells YAST to install adobe’s flash player automatically. There’s also a script in the default updates that downloads some of the MS true type fonts like Times New Roman. There are also other various updates that make up that 500MB download that you had.

So had you updated your system first, then you would have realized that openSUSE automatically installs flash for you. But since you tried to install it without first updating, you got all the rest of the updates when the software installer was started.

So really, you just need to get use to the new OS. Things are done differenlty with linux. Whereas with Microsoft you go to the software vendor’s website to get the program, in linux we have repositories that contain most of the programs you’ll use. YAST or zypper can then retrieve the list of these programs within a repository and download and install them for you without having to go to 4 or 5 different sites. It’s not a replacement for windows, it’s a whole different operating system that (in my opinion) is BETTER than windows. Keep in mind, every operating system has its place and caters to different types of people for different purposes (I use Windows for gaming, I also play linux games but some things just don’t work out in linux natively).

That being said, welcome to the linux world and I hope you enjoy your “stay” and not just an “experiment” :wink:

Take Care,