Need to set computer to automatically connect on startup.

Okay, I just reinstalled OpenSUSE 11.3 GENOME on my computer (Compaq Armada E500 w/512 MB RAM, 30GB HD, and Linksys WPG54v2 wireless card). After futzing around for several hours on two different evenings, I got it working all by myself! The only thing is, now I have to manually connect to my wireless network every time, which gives me a a great sense of accomplishment. I start the computer. I remember having to edit a script somewhere to make it connect automatically on system startup, but I can’t remember what it is I’m supposed to edit or how I’m supposed to edit it. Can anybody help me out?


If you use network manager, you shouldn’t have to use a configuration file. After you’ve connected the first time it will remember your settings and connect automatically.

wicd is another tool that will automatically handle your wireless (like networkmanager), but with the added advantage of connecting before you ever log into Gnome. This is handy if you need wireless connectivity apart from Gnome.

Network Manager is remembering the wireless network setting, but ndiswrapper is not being modprobed automatically. I’m having to do that manually each time I log in. I think that was what I had to add to a script somewhere to make it log on automatically.

Then you need to add it to the modules loaded on boot in /etc/sysconfig/kernel.
Did you try to get it running without using ndiswrapper first? You typically shouldn’t have to use ndiswrapper. It’s definitely not the preferred method.

I’ll edit /etc/sysconfig/kernel and see if I can get it to work. I remember it being a pretty simple line of script I had to add, but I don’t remember the verbiage. I guess I should have written it down.

I’ve installed/upgraded OpenSUSE a couple of times on this machine since I’ve had it, and ndiswrapper is the solution I’ve found that works. The wireless card is based on a Texas Instruments ACX111 chipset that isn’t supported natively, so the advice I got on these forums a couple of years ago was to use the Window$ driver ndiswrapper. If you can suggest a better, less complicated method, I’m open to trying it.


just search for this… MODULES_LOADED_ON_BOOT="" in /etc/sysconfig/kernel
And add ndiswrapper (make sure it’s the exact module name) in there between the quotes. That should do it. You’re probably right about that chipset not being supported natively.
I haven’t done any research on it though, so I’m not sure. If I get the chance to, I’ll look into it a little.

Here’s a thread on how to get it working with Ubuntu. It’s usually fairly similar. Apparently it doesn’t support WPA though.

I went to edit /etc/sysconfig/kernel and it opened in gedit as ‘read only’. I tried to save a copy in the sysconfig folder and got a message that I don’t have permission to save it there, so I saved it in my home folder and edited it by adding ndiswrapper (LSTINDS.INF) between the quotation marks. So now I have two questions:

  1. Did I edit the kernel file correctly?
  2. If so, how do I gain permission to place the new kernel file into the sysconfig folder? Ideally, I’d like to rename the original file as kernel.old or something like that so I can revert to it if necessary.

You need to edit the file as root. Go to the command line and su - to root. Then use gedit /etc/sysconfig/kernel and it will open in gedit as root.
You’re putting the wrong file in there. That’s the windows driver portion. You need the actual ndiswrapper module to load on boot.
It should look like the following.

In case you want a complete overview, here’s a link…
SDB:Ndiswrapper - openSUSE

(If it still says it’s read only as root, you need to do the following

chmod 600 /etc/sysconfig/kernel

That shouldn’t be necessary unless you changed permissions on it.

If you want to do a backup first just use the command

cp /etc/sysconfig/kernel /etc/sysconfig/kernel_bak

Or whatever you want to name it. Then you can just operate on the original file.

That fixed it. Workin’ like a charm now!