Need to restart Alsa then connect Pulse for sound

This weekend I’ve been fiddling with sound settings in .asoundrc file to get the surround to work like it should. I succeeded. :slight_smile:

Though now after a start up I don’t have sound at all and need to run “rcalsasound restart” and then connect Pulse in order to get the sound going again. I was hoping that upgrading from 11. 0 to 11.1 would overcome this, but without any luck. Does anybody have any idea on how to fix this? :\

You could (as a work around) put “rcalsasound restart” as the last line in your /etc/init.d/boot.local file.

Thank you OldCpu, that workaround works. Stupid though that it is needed… :\

Sometimes this happens to users who use ndiswrapper for their wireless, and that application interfers with the start up of alsa, requiring alsa to be restarted again. Your dmesg output “may” give you a hint.