Need to recover the original panel on openSUSE 12.1

Just making some clicks and suddenly realized (late) that made also a unique click (over the “X” in red) of the panel and it never came back. Does anybody know how-to get it back on my desktop?

As always, tons of thanks.

If you mean the default panel at the bottom of the screen in KDE4

Right-click on the desktop or ToolBox (top-right yellow “kernel”) and “Add Panel”, “Default Panel”.

After arranging things to your satisfaction, it might be a good idea to “Lock Widgets”

Thanks for your answer. But, did it and it seems to start… and then it vanishes completely and finally appears an error message to be informed for bugs… Is there any way to repair it? It seems that it is now broken. Don’t know why if I just (by error) click on that (red) x on the Default Panel… Would appreciate too much your suggestion to have other ways to solve this issue.

To reset to the openSuSE default KDE4 appearance, delete these two files:
where the “~” is an alias for "/home/username.
And login again.