Need to open LVM to rescue contents

I have a hard drive with a ddrescue copy of a drive that has since failed (physical problem). On the drive is a 70Mb EXT4 partition and a ~700Gb LVM partition. The challenge is to open up the LVM partition and reliably access it contents. The good news is I have no reason to think it’s encrypted unless that happened by default.

See this thread for the story so far. (Ignore the “can’t boot live OS” discussion - problem resolved).

Restating what are, I hope, the major points: the original drive has 512B physical and logical sectors, the new drive has 512B logical sectors but 4096B physical sectors. This mismatch may mean the ddrescue -f /dev/sda /dev/sdb session produced a useless copy. Maybe not?

The original drive was working well until just after the ddrescue attempts started. Try #1 accidentally put the output in /tmp and, no surprise, eventually filled the device. I deleted the unwanted image and, after try #2, which produced the present situation, rebooting failed when fsck couldn’t handle a problem in /tmp.

In the course of connecting and disconnecting drives, the SATA data connector failed on the original drive.

Robin_listas has been working with me on this issue. The problem has drifted so far from the original topic that I’m opening a new thread, directed to a new problem.

Again, the challenge is to open up an LVM partition and reliably access it contents. For extra points, try making the HDD bootable.

This thread will be, by request, closed.