Need to logout in order to use the external monitor

Hi there again.

I had to reinstall Tumbleweed (KDE) on my laptop and now, for unknown reasons, I can’t use my external monitor (USB-C to DisplayPort that is working with every distro and with Win11).

I have installed the Nvidia drivers (G06), and I can see that, even though the monitor is black, the led stays on as if it was detected. However, when going in the system settings, no monitors are shown. BUT the audio of the monitor appears in the Sound options and I can enable it.

I can only logout and then login again (X11 or Wayland, it’s the same) to make everything work. Actually, when I logout, the monitor works already.

Any suggestions to fix this?

For some unknown reasons, I installed the nvidia g06 utils and this was resolved by its own.

We really need a better way to handle the Nvidia drivers.

What happens on other distros (any, really): install, everything works.
What happens on TW: no audio, no monitor. Delete a specific line in some weird file, uninstall and reinstall countless times the driver to make it work.

Try to use TW Slowroll.

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